Coronavirus Push-Up Challenge

The LFLCC Coronovirus Push-Up Challenge (CPC Challenge)

To keep ourselves fit and motivated during our confinement, and to have some fun while doing so, several LFLCC members have decided to take up the challenge of doing 100 consecutive push-ups (100 CPUs) by the end of the lockdown.
Our CPC Challenge is based on a similar challenge promoted on the website,
Below is the list of LFLCC members who have added our CPC Challenge to their daily exercice routine.
Will Did they make it?

Well, some of us almost did! 😁 Bravo to all who took part!

Who tried our CPC ChallengeMost CPUs
Tins2 👑 👏 86
Benny3 85
Alam 80
Gareth 70
Puneet 60
Stoney 52
Kolla 45
Hari 45
Khirullah 25
Maxime1 33
Raghu1 10
Vishesh1 10
Gégé1 5
-- --

1 Joined the Challenge on 4 April 2020
2 Dethroned by Benny on 16 April 2020
3 Dethroned by Tins on 17 April 2020
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